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I love to dream, setting forth my apparition towards execution.  This clarifies the separation of me from other dreamers.  I allow my visions to direct my reality towards uncontrollable heights that provides me with futuristic focus into a clear projection of myself...MY TRUE SELF-IDENTITY.  Therefore I can amplify my individuality to glow and show within any and every aspect of my life.  I plan to impact the world with it.  I desire to impact the world with it.  I am impacting the world with it!” 

Lateefah Pruitt is a native of Longview who has represented Longview as Miss Longview, Miss Homecoming Queen and Miss Lobo.  This alone shows her early development of leadership skills and that she loves dealing with people. After receiving an academic scholarship with the Fredrick Douglass Honor’s Program at Texas Southern University she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  She served as Freshman Class President and Parliamentary of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Upon graduating Lateefah worked in the Entertainment Industry working with stars such as Beyonce,  Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Solange and so many more. She then transitioned to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Georgia State University as a film video student, and later went on to work with Will Packer of Rain Forest Films, HBO and Tyler Perry. When starting a family Lateefah returned to Longview to join her family business in real estate. She always jokes that even though she has been licensed since 2006, that she has been in real estate her whole life.

“Real estate is my passion! It has definitely changed over the years. I remember having to help type contracts with a typewriter and having to answer the phone and checking the paper every day to see what was new on the market. Today people rarely read the paper and rely on the internet so seeing how advanced technology has brought this field has been an exciting journey. 

Lateefah believes in honesty first and perseverance. Working in the entertainment business gives you an edge because you are taught to think and do the impossible. “My clients come to me with a vision and it is my job to provide that and more.  

Currently Lateefah serves as Secretary for the Longview Metro Chamber of Commerce. She also sponsors and presents an annual Future CEO Youth Business Seminar that  gathers youth in the community and give them interview drills, ethical training,  motivational speakers, what to do for college prep and information on how to enter different fields and what jobs consists of.  She is also a local poet along with other poets go out to visit nursing homes and share their words of experience and encouragement..